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The Photo Finish Live beta has started! Here's how to get started.

The Basics

What is Photo Finish Live?
Photo Finish Live is a play-to-earn virtual horse racing ecosystem that features something for everyone. Buy a horse and race against people around the world. Breed the horse to build your next generation of racers. Bet on the races or own the track!
How do I play?
Photo Finish Live is currently in development by the team that built the #1 horse racing game on iOS. The game should be available sometime in Q2 of 2022. Once complete Photo Finish Live will be the most realistic horse racing game ever developed.
Is it real money?
Yes, Photo Finish Live runs on the Solana blockchain providing a better experience than cash with fees in the pennies and energy usage equivalent to a Google search.
What differentiates Photo Finish Live from other NFT horse racing products?
  • Photo Finish Live has the authentic look, feel, and strategy of horse racing. The tagline is "As real as it gets" for a reason!
  • The best horses in other products are often minted by the company, where basically all offspring have a downward pull to be "not as strong" as the genesis horses. In Photo Finish Live the game has an upward power curve (smarter breeding = better horses)
  • Photo Finish Live horses age at a rate of one year per 4 weeks, therefore they can only race for about 6-9 months on average. Then they have to move along out of the system and breed new ones. Every other game has their horses living forever and racing thousands of times, which is not realistic and also ensures a system that is extremely difficult for new players to enter.
  • Photo Finish Live will have a mobile game AND wagering support over this year - creating a market that can grow much larger than just the current crypto / defi audience.
The Ecosystem

Can I own a horse and race it?
Yes, you can own a horse, choose the best races to enter with it, and fully manage it's career. Doing well in races is one of the ways to win big in Photo Finish.
What about breeding?
1 month in real life equals 1 year in the game. After several "years" of racing your horse will retire. If your horse did well or has important traits you can breed it either yourself for payment or sell the horse to a dedicated breeder.
Is it possible to own a track?
Indeed it is! You'll be able to operate your own track if you have enough $CROWN tokens to lease/purchase a track. $CROWN is earned by holding Photo Finish NFTs which can be purchased on a marketplace. Track owners earn a cut of the entry fees and wagers at their tracks in $DERBY (the in-game crypto currency that can be traded for real dollars). $CROWN is also the governance token for the DOA allowing you to vote on decisions and guide the future of the game.
Did you say wagering?
Yep! Later in 2022 wagering will be available. Research the horses in each race (maybe using Racer's Edge!) to pick the winners. With so much data available it'll be possible for well researched bettors to gain a real edge.
Learning More

Start researching the aspects of the game that interest you most.

White paper & Roadmap
Watch above or read the roadmap that Third Time (the game devs) put together explaining how the ecosystem works. This is a critical document to understand if you're interested in participating in ownership, racing, or breeding.
Photo Finish Live has built a passionate and dedicated community. Don't be afraid to jump in and ask a question!
$CROWN and $DERBY are key elements to the play-to-earn elements of Photo Finish Live. $CROWN acts as a governance token while $DERBY acts as an in-game currency. Take a deep dive on how they work.
Learn more of the technical details about breeding from Third Time.